The First Week Back

by Kyle

Well the first week back at school only consisted of two days, but it’s been great being back at school so far.
I’ve got all the classes I wanted:

  • Home Economics
  • Biology
  • Legal Studies
  • English

Photography didn’t work out. At all. I was so bored and annoyed by the cost of that class. So I swapped with Legal Studies. We’ll see how it works out; could be a good challenge maybe? Hmm.
It’s been good catching up with mates and teachers. Plus, there’s been changes at school with the new Headmaster, Mr. Mac and new ways of doing things.
Mr. Mac is a very solid headmaster from what I’ve seen so far and will be a very good leader for the school. He told us in assembly of his health issues, he addressed students very clearly that if they do not believe a teachers standards are good enough, to report to the dean. He warned that any form of bullying will mean the end of your time at the school – hitting the “issue” head on.

It’ll be an interesting year at Boy’s High, with new leadership. The only thing so far, that hasn’t been interesting at all, was Mr. Mac’s transition into the school. On Wednesday, students of the school were forced to sit in the hot hall, though over an hour of Maori rituals, singing and telling as he “became headmaster”. It was boring as hell, and no one could understand what was going! No teachers looked interested, and to tell the truth, most students were sleeping during the whole thing! Or napping, depending on how you see it.