What did I tell ya?

by Kyle

2009 is my year.
I think it was Suzanne Paul that told me “Reach for the stars and you’ll hit the moon!” So I live by that.
In the last six or so hours, I’ve been offered a select audition for a television commerical and work expierence with TelstraClear,  which includes travel to Wellington to attend and film for clearnet.co.nz at Armageddon.

But because the auditon is tomorrow and Friday, there isn’t time/money to attend the audition and premiere.
A bit of a pickle there, so I turned it down. However I have noticed that my profile has been getting more and more hits and I’m being offered more and more auditons. So this will be a fantastic year in terms with the agent!!
Of course I will be looking forward to working at TelstraClear. I’ve been there many times and know the staff at Clearnet, and it’ll just be awesome!

But I am going to annouce here that I have resigned from California Takeaways. I am entering my fourth year and believe it’s time to do something different. I am looking forward to my final night’s work this upcoming Friday.