There’s something missing & I know it

by Kyle

I’ll jump right into this one. I think the main element which is missing from my productions is character depth. In OSM, you don’t really get the chance to know the characters enough to be able to emotionally connect to them. Sure, you may feel shocked at Tracey’s doings, and/or maybe even on the edge of your seat wondering if Tracey is going to be caught during those suspense-scenes. But there is no chance to actually feel sorry for the victims, nor Tracey for her behaviour.

In Tracey’s Back, it’s an element that is  improved on. You get to meet the main characters separately in the first ten minutes before they all tie in together as dramatic events unfold. Tracey opens up a bit more too. But in thinking about it, it’s still something that needs to be improved and something I’ll have to work harder on when the next production rolls around.

There needs to be that chance to really get to know the characters before their “weaknesses” are exposed, so you can feel emotion for them. And that’s the effect that I am now after, and one that I’ll certainly be working towards next time.