Friday 23rd Jan, 2009

by Kyle

I know. I’ve resorted to using plain titles  – what has the world come to?!
Okay so I went to the dentist the other day. They did the general checkup, consiting of X-Ray, picking at the teeth with hooks, sticking mirrors down your face, sucking saliva out with a little suction hose and trying to dislodge each tooth to find an excuse to rip it out or drill it until satisfied. Wahoo, what fun. Lucikily I was given the all clear and had a really nice dentist, she was cool so that was good. Better than last time anyway.

Jumping to today, I printed 62 DVD discs today. That means there are now labels printed onto the discs, like professional DVDs. As of now, 11 discs have had the content burned onto them and are ready to be packaged. The next phase involves preparing the covers, and then restarting the whole process to produce a very limited edition run
of single-DVD sets of ORIENTAL STREET MURDER. But wait;  it’s in widescreen this time.

So that will be on sale with the deluxe-edition OSM sets and Tracey’s Back DVD set. 

ORIENTAL STREET MURDER (Deluxe 5-disc set) $25
ORIENTAL STREET MURDER* (Widescreen 1-disc set) $20
TRACEY’S BACK* (2-disc set) $20.
*These DVD’s are copy-protected.

Work was good tonight too. I saw Amy again! Amy is someone who I worked with in the film Show OF Hands. There’s a photo somewhere, I just can’t be bothered finding it right now. She’s super-keen to be involved with my films after seeing the article in the newspaper and actually, would have been a suitable replacement for Lauriel, had Megen not been able to do it. Lauriel is a character in Tracey’s Back which had to be recast at the last hour – literally.
So it’s cool we can have a fresh face! But who knows what is next? I’d love to continue making stuff, it really depends on how hetic school will be this year.

Anyway, I have to go and reply to some emails.