Things to do…..

by Kyle

First, just a message to Dad:

  • Don’t forget the laptop must be sent back today.
  • Don’t forget we are filming Peter Tennent today.
  • Don’t forget your doctor’s appointment.
  • Don’t forget we still need to move out of the Tracey’s Unit set.
  • Don’t forget to send me the video of the screen to put on the laptop.

That said, I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has sent me emails, messages, comments and said anything to do with Friday’s article in the paper! Thanks for your support =]

Now this is a big week. I’m back from Auckland, but I won’t have any time for socailising as I am working full time at TUIKIWI Productions. DVD production MUST start this week, and last-minute editing has a deadline for Tuesday morning.

I need to check out DVD cases, and where I can get the best deal. I’ve got less than two weeks to do everything. omg.

Now, one of Suzanne’s scenes is avaliable online, but only on Facebook I’m afraid. I can’t upload videos to the blog currently, and I hope to have this fixed before TRACEY’S BACK is released! Eep.

Thanks to Paul for having us up in Auckland over the weekend; Thanks to Dad for bringing us up to Auckland; Thanks to Suzanne Paul, Duncan, and Paul Ellis for letting us visit and film!