Visit to Paul Ellis’ House

by Kyle

At 10am this morning we went to visit Paul Ellis in his home, to film scenes for Tracey’s Back. And what a trip it was!
Like Suzanne Paul and Duncan, Paul welcomed us into his home and we had a drink and good chat before filming the scenes. The first was supposed to be a breakfast scene, and Paul went and made toast along with a fake coffee to look authentic. The toast was cut and one quater was thrown away to make it look like he had eaten it previously to the scene. I was amazed at that because I personally thought that was an extrodanry length to go to for my film, and I really apprciated it!
So that scene went very, very well!

We talked more as we setup the next scene. We re-arranged the dining area and created a set for TK News. Special transperent blinds were lowered and we jammed a blanket in the door behind the blinds to stop too much light filtering though.
We turned around the table and moved all the chairs. The laptop was setup and the scene began, with bloopers! I have a thing for bloopers.
Once that scene was finished we had another chat before recording a piece for the interview, having another chat, previewing Episode 1 & 2 of the series before we put his dining room back together.

Once we had cleaned up, I had a drink of water before I “died coughing” and another talk, before we left.
I got some great advice from Paul in regards to TV and my film. Here’s hoping he can make it to the premiere!!!