Why I think 2009 will be a great year..

by Kyle

It’s only nine days into 2009 yet I have so many things planned (and in planning) to do over the next 12 months!
I’m probably just repeating myself, but here’s some of the stuff I am (and might be) doing over the course of 2009!

  • GATEWAY – Studying Film/Television papers, selected just for me.
  • ZIELAND PRODUCTIONS – Working at a local production company.
  • STAR (WITT) – A more advanced-video STAR course at our local polytechnic will be available this year.
  • STAR (CHCH) – Broadcasting school in Christchurch.
  • NEW AGENT – I’m signing up (finally) with my new agent!
  • TRACEY’S BACK – Film is finally released, with a cameo from a well-known New Zealand celeb*!
  • WORK EXPERIENCE – Currently in talks with a company* in Auckland for Work Experience. If all goes to plan, it would be an amazing opportunity.
  • TUIKIWI PRODUCTIONS – Will continue!
  • KNIGHT RIDER – The new series will finally be on NZ TV. Trust me, it’s amazing. Filmed in HD and planned to air on TV3.

*Due to sensitivity, I won’t talk about who this is yet. But rest assured, I will in coming weeks once everything is put in place.