KARR returns to Knight Rider (New Series)

by Kyle

Peter Cullen, famous for portraying the voice of Optimus Prime in the “Transformers” franchise, is reprising his role as KARR in the new Knight Rider television series. It has been over 25 years since he last provided the voice of KARR, in the original 80’s show.

The last we saw of KARR was when he and KITT plunged into each other, with KARR exploding. His CPU was undamaged and left flashing on the ground, among the rubble.

Yeah, I was a fan of Knight Rider, but to be honest I’m much more keen on the new series (which is a coninuation, and has guest-starred David Hasslehoff ). It will begin screening on TV3 later this year, in HD.

Below you can see a trailer for the return of KARR. And no; he isn’t the car with the red scanner.