Quotes of Leon

by Kyle

This is Leon

The official, approved page for Leon Chiu’s crazy quotes!
I did have more written down, but seem to have lost them. If you have any you’d like to add, leave a comment below.

  • *points at Chinese guy*
    “Is he the same origins as me?”
  • *in class, talking about a essay assignment*
    “I’m stuck! I’m stuck in ice!”
    Teacher: “Well get out of there, there’s work to be done.”
  • “For YEARS we have scheduled meetings at lunch for discussion.”
  • “That is some funky writing!”
  • “Greetings, just wanted to say hi”
  • “O-M-G!
  • “go your own pathway”
  • “that’s taking a gamble”
  • “let’s schedule a meeting”