The new “movie” maker by Microsoft

by Kyle

Dont let its dormant state fool you; it can do amazing things.

Don't let it's dormant state fool you; it can do amazing things.

Windows Movie Maker really is an amazing tool. It can do incredible things, and is what I used to edit ORIENTAL STREET MURDER and a small part of TRACEY’S BACK. It’s timeline, cropping/slicing tools, overlays, effects and the abudance of features it packs in have been extremly useful and I really have made good use of the program. And I don’t care if it’s not what “professionals” use, it does what I want it to do and is easy.

My favorite editing feature  is one that my professional software doesn’t do; splits videos into clips based on single runs of the camera.
Eg: We are importing the footage from the camera. It saves as one big long movie file, but WMM can spit this up into scenes.
Camera recording, Tracey McNutt steals a police car. Camera stops recording. Clip One.

Camera recording, Tracey McNutt eats a rabbit. Camera stops recording. Clip Two.

Microsoft have abandonded Windows Movie Maker (From Vista), and are currently working on it’s replacement.
Ahem, let me introduce (reluctantly), Windows Live Movie Maker.

It lacks essential movie-making tools.

This couldn't direct piss into a bucket; it lacks essental movie-editing tools.

Windows Live Movie Maker is Windows Movie Maker for dummies.
What the hell are you going to do without a timeline? And you can’t edit audio, so no muting/music for your movies. Footage from the camera will have to be used as-is, seeing as you cannot edit your clips or even crop the end off. And when Sally’s birthday rolls around, you can’t put “Sally’s 7th birthday!” on the clip because it doesn’t have a ability to add the text.

I have a feeling that if I had been born later and developed my video interests around the time that Windows Live Movie Maker had become standard on computers, I never would have taken things further. There is absoultly no way I could have worked with this program, and I can’t see how it will encourage other aspiring producers.
Google it to see how people are reacting to the change. No one really seems to be happy about it, and I don’t blame them!!

P.S: Calling this Windows Live “Movie Maker” is really misleading. This doesn’t make movies at all. It’s a portal between camera and video-footage file.