Christmas! haha

by Kyle

Well we are less than 48 hours away from Christmas Day 2008.

I went to do some shopping the other day,
and came across a lego set. It was $80 and it provided all the bits and instructions to build a petrol station, with a car wash, shop, fridge, little bottles of soda, petrol pumps, windows etc. It also came with parts to make a motorcycle and car.
The back of the box was badly crinkled/ripped, so I opened it more to check if all the bags of parts and instructions were in there. They were, so I brought it to the Customer Service desk, where they decided to sell it to me for only $30!  Bargain!
So I brought it and assembled it with Sheree. We’ve had heaps of fun playing and building it!
There’s a picture below:

I’ve just got a little more shopping to do, and then I’m done. I’m actually out of money, so it looks like I’ll be visiting the $2 Shop! haha. They have good quality stuff there these days so chances are no one will notice they had cheepies haha.

Speaking of presents, Dad got the family a huge new HD Plasma TV, with MySKY HDi! It’s awesome, but has taken time getting used to! There’s one problem, and that’s the fact that my films look crappy on such a big screen. We’re going to need a new camera….

Soon i’ll have to upload a photo of dad’s christmas lights display!

Anyway, have a great christmas and new year. And thanks to the 55+ vistors who have been frequent visiters to my blog!