Christmas Cards

by Kyle

It’s that time of year where people start sending and recieving christmas cards.
You give them to neighbours, to friends, to family, to business partners and customers, and you send them to people who you haven’t seen in months, possibly even years.

I brought my packs yesterday, favouring nice “deluxe” shiny cards over cheap cards with drawings of reindeer and snow. The Warehouse has a good deal on at the moment where you buy two christmas-themed items and get a third free.
So I got two deluxe packs, for close family, friends, mates, and supporters of my films.
My free pack was of 25 mini-cards featuring puppies for the girls.

I think I only do the cards thing because it’s a way I can say thanks to people for supporting me in my projects and films over the last year. Thanks for being patient and coming to filming, thanks for watching my stuff online and giving great constructive feedback. Thanks for improving my ideas and thanks for letting us use facilities free of charge.