2008 & 2009..

by Kyle

2009 is going to be a huge year.
I’ll have a new agent, which means more television work and I will be releasing my film, “Tracey’s Back” to over 100 people on the 31st on January. I’ll have a job at a production company (not TuiKiwi).

Right now it’s really cool because if you ask just about anyone in the New Zealand Film & TV industry if they know/know of TuiKiwi or Kyle Wadsworth, chances are they will say yes.
While this year I wasn’t in the media as much as last year (which was actually a relief because being labeled a hacker isn’t the greatest thing in the world), I was involved with the media all the same.

I think it’s cool how everything starts somewhere. Or in a different way, how everything starts out small. The ORIENTAL STREET MURDER franchise started out with a laugh and a few photos in the bush. Photos. Those photos multiplied and morphed into a series, watched thousands of times on the internet, adored by Shortland Street fans and caught the eyes of industry professionals and the media. From there, the papers got hold of the story, and so did the school. I was sent a month later to South Seas Film & Television School in Auckland, before joining a Video course at WITT (Polytech). Now I’ve got a job at Zieland Productions, who is contracted to do work for TVNZ, TV3, films and more. And that’s all because the school chose me to join the GATEWAY programme – which will allow me to study the industry further while working in a Film/TV environment once a week.
A film, sequel to OSM is in production now. With support from TelstraClear, Taranaki District Health Board, Self Storage Taranaki and New Plymouth Boys’ High.

I started out with photos, and when and where it will end, is anybody’s guess. But this particular journey is still going and spanning out and it’s probably going to get even bigger next year.
So Ima counting down the days until 2009 is here. It’s going to be big.