by Kyle

The below list consists of all the cast in Tracey’s Back. It does not include special guests whose scenes are still to be filmed. It is in order of role, not in any order of appearance or how much screentime they have.

  • Meredith Regan (lead role)
  • Andrea Jupp (core role) (wardrobe repair)
  • Kyle Wadsworth (core role) (director) (producer)
  • Megen Willems-Blacktopp (core role) (extra)
  • Eric Foreman (recurring-major role)
  • Mark Dwyer (recurring-major role)
  • Jamie Wadsworth (recurring)
  • Ryan Peters (recurring) (extra)
  • Ben Conelgan (recurring) (extra)
  • Hayley Silvester (recurring) (extra)
  • Lyal French-Wright (guest-starring role)
  • Rusty Kane (guest-starring role)
  • Mike Scott (guest-starring role)
  • Marita Lavery (guest-starring role)
  • Shari Dwyer (guest role)
  • Norton Bibby (guest role)
  • Corrections Craig (extra)
  • Paul Regan (extra)
  • Jordan Regan (extra)
  • Margy Foreman (extra)
  • Malachi Regan (extra)
  • Michael Phillips (extra)
  • Sheree Parker (extra)
  • Finn Dwyer (extra)
  • Rio Dwyer (extra)

HUGE Special Thanks to:

  • Denis Wadsworth (Director of Photography)
  • Ron & Anne Sewell (Self Storage Taranaki)
  • Nicky Lumb & Nicole Mancer (Clinical Skills, Taranaki District Health Board)
  • Lyal French-Wright, Bruce Bayly & School Staff (New Plymouth Boys’ High School)
  • Nicola Clement & Peter Hall (TelstraClear,

Keeping in mind that some people are not on this list (yet), it’s a big list compared to ORIENTAL STREET MURDER! In fact, more money has been invested in this project than OSM. And that’s not just from TuiKiwi Productions – that’s from organisations too.
So here we are….two scenes left to be filmed. We are roughly 61 days away from the premiere.