Looking bad for Boys’ High

by Kyle

I’ve posted the two stories that ran in the Taranaki Daily News/NZ Herald on Saturday and today.
And it is set to really ruin the reputation of the school and hostel.
This morning’s article “reveals” ongoing “violence” in the hostel, and claims that staff turn a blind eye.
Total rubbish.

Staff take bullying very, very seriously. It is not taken lightly at the school. The article gives the impression that the school is a violent place, when it doesn’t even come near it. The other two major high schools in New Plymouth, Spotswood College and New Plymouth Girls’ High, have security guards. Boys’ High does not.
Spotswood College has repeditive assults and bullying is a common factor there, they even have security camera operating! Boys’ High does not.

The first article stated:

She [mother of victim] said another son, aged 14, had also been subjected to physical attacks.
‘He has a permanent scar on his thigh after his leg was held against a heater.’
She admits there could have been fault on both sides, but could not think what her son could have done to deserve the beating.

I can think of a few things. Maybe it might be the fact that this boy happened to be one of the most-feared bullies in the hostel. Or maybe it might be because this boy flipped other students beds, or other unmentionable things. Knowing that, I can see why he got dealt to!

Some hostel boys contacted the Taranaki Daily News claiming that bullying is an ongoing thing. Of course it is, it happens everywhere. They also claimed that teachers don’t care – but how can they care when the aledged ‘assults’ are never reported to staff?

Some of the bullying was not reported, but what is has not been dealt with seriously, they claim.

It’s hard to deal with bullying days after it is reported, much harder!
I won’t address all points of the articles, but i will address one more. Read the below quote:

Sat: NPBHS acting principal Bruce Bayly and chairman of the board of trustees Jamie Sutherland refused to comment yesterday.

Mon:NPBHS acting principal Bruce Bayly was not home when the Taranaki Daily News rang yesterday.

Board of trustees chairman Jamie Sutherland would not comment when the Taranaki Daily News visited his home.

Senior hostel master Geoff Hall would not comment when telephoned.

I firmly believe that by not commenting on this issue, it makes it sound so much worse and as if they are covering up something. That actually makes it look much worse!

Keey an eye out for an article in ‘defence’ in tomorrow’s paper. Hopefully it will be enough to repair a small part of the huge reputation that the school holds in this community.

Oh, the reporter of the article has also informed me that Campbell Live is going to be doing a story on the issue – and I am aware that students are currently working with TV3 to “numb” down the issue so NPBHS’s rep isn’t seriously tarnished further.