Three Down; Two to go

by Kyle

English Exam
As far as this is concerned, I think I did pretty well in this exam. 5 papers, there wasn’t a question I got stuck on and that’s always a good sign.

Science Exam
Quietly confident about all three papers – Chemisty, Biology and Physics. Like English, there was no quesion I got stuck on.

Home Economics Exam
Ugh. One of my good subjects, but probably the worst paper. Well, it wasn’t hard, but I think I did pretty shitty on this exact paper. I woke up, totally feeling like crap having caught some kind of fever. This also meant I felt like crap in the exam. Not good. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

My final two exams are Math on Monday and History on Tuesday. History is a guarenteed fail, considering I didn’t take any notes down during the year because of writing/wrist issues which I have. Hmm.
Passing NCEA isn’t looking grim though, yay 😀

P.S: I’ve been accepted to work at Zieland Productions, as part of the gateway course, which is very exciting 😀