We approach the EXAM of ENGLISH

by Kyle

As I write this, we are just hours away from my first NCEA exam – English.
I’ve been studying today since 5pm, it’s now 12.43am. I’ve gone over all my notes and made extra ones, highlighting as I go and ripping out pages which I will review after I rise at 7.30am.
To end revision, I have been looking over the mock exam.

Here are my results:
Formal Writing (Letter to Editor): ACHIEVED with MERIT
Extended Text (Of Mice & Men): ACHIEVED
Short Text (The Whale/Yellow Brick Road): ACHIEVED
Visual Text (Film: Braveheart): ACHIEVED
Unfamiliar Text: ACHIEVED

So as I said, I’ve been looking over my mock exam.
And I passed everything in the English exam. With ease. And I admit that I didn’t do very much revision for it. But I assure you, I’ve done revision for the real thing!
I realised just before how easy this is. I didn’t struggle for the mock exam at all, so why should I struggle for the real thing, considering i’ve done quite a bit of revision for it? I shouldn’t struggle, so I have nothing to worry about.

So I look forward to my exam at 9am!
So I should get some sleep!
So goodnight!