by Kyle

…is a course at school designed for selected students to work though papers which are related to their career path. For example, if one student wants to be a builder, then they will work though a series of related papers (standards) and earn credits towards passing NCEA Level 2. They will also spend a day each week working with a builder, and all gear the student needs will be brought by GATEWAY for the student.

This year, 80 Year 11 students applied for GATEWAY next year and only around 30 could get in.
To narrow down the numbers, GATEWAY staff interview students strictly on what they want to do, how they plan on achieving it, what they already know about the program among other things.

At a information night, the head of GATEWAY, Mr. Moore expressed that students who have proven they can do such a course (eg: by taking a STAR course and sticking with it) will have a good chance of getting in. Those who signed up for a STAR course and didn’t attend, are less likely to get in as Mr. Moore will not want to waste money on students who are not fully comitted.
I was confident that my history would be suffient:

  1. Television STAR course at WITT in 2006
  2. My relations with the television/film industrty at present
  3. Work on my own productions (which featured in the paper)
  4. STAR course at South Seas Film & Television School in July of this year
  5. Film STAR course at WITT in Term 3 of this year

and it was! I was one of the lucky few who succeeded in getting a GATEWAY placement 😀
Now all I need to do is find a place to work! There aren’t many, if any, Television production studios in New Plymouth. Not counting TuiKiwi Productions of course… 😉