by Kyle

Photos from the premiere and after party can be found at the bottom of this post.

Me & Dad arrived at the red carpet early, a little nervous but generally excited about seeing the film we were involved with around this time last year.
I had a quick chat with Megen. Megen didn’t attend the premiere but was there to watch the stars walk the carpet. She’s also going to star in my film, TRACEY’S BACK.

After chatting with her, the red carpet was opened and we walked down. It was amazing because there were cameras flashing everywhere, people cheering and it was just wow. As I got to one point a media crew guy said “Look, there he his” and the camera followed me down the carpet lol! I don’t know where that footage ended up…

We got inside and grabbed something to eat (there were tables of snack foods such as mini-pies and sushi) and something to drink (yes orange juice) as we waited for something to happen. I hadn’t seen anyone I knew by this point but it was still early and people were still arriving. Bored by waiting, I went to the toliet and bumped into Craig Hall. You may remember Craig from such shows as “Burying Brian” and “Outrageous Fortune”. He’s one of the leads in SHOW OF HANDS.

So anyway, I introduced myself and he mentioned he knew me from somewhere. I told him he might know me though Tamar or Simon at South Pacific Pictures. He instantly clicked and said “TuiKiwi! So you’re the famous TuiKiwi!”. We left the bathroom and got talking out in the foyer and it was amazing because he told me all about the “product placement” on Outrageous, aka TUIKIWI Beer on Outrageous Fortune.
He told me how he was instructed to place the can in a particular way (so it would face the camera) and how the camera needed to be positioned to get it, etc. AND THAT he was told all about what I’ve done so far etc and that was cool!

I got to meet his wife Sara Wiseman – and Sara starred in Outrageous Fortune as Jethro’s girlfriend Danielle! She’s really nice in real life, and also knew all about TuiKiwi! I let them go and people began to move into the theatre.
Met up with Dra (Casting Director) who told me about the after party – YAY! I was in and I knew this night was going to be amazing.
Caught up with Dad and told him I met up with Craig, and then we bumped into Rodney. Special thanks goes to Rodney for helping us get to the premiere. REALLY APPRECIATED!!!

Once in the theatre, it was cool to see that every seat came with a bag of Popcorn and bottle of water. Could come in handy. Another cool thing is that our seats were downstairs in the middle row, with all the cast & crew from the film – sweet! Speeches began and they weren’t boring 🙂

Ooh, before I got to my seat I bumped into New Plymouth mayor Peter Tennent. He plays the Mall manager in the film, and he said to me “Hey Kyle, I think our scene was cut”., which it was sadly but I’m still it it heaps of times.

When the film began, it was odd because the opening which shows the idents for all the contributing companies and the like, weren’t good quality. You may know the TVNZ one currently used on TV with all the bars spinning around the logo? Well that’s used in te film except it’s black and hard to see properly. Oh well.

Rounds of applause before, throughout and after the film. It’s totally New Plymouth and a REALLY GOOD film. SEE IT. I won’t spoil it though. But wow. I saw myself so many times, as well as Dad, Rodney, Movie Mum, Sheree and a few others. Was really cool.

Speeches continued and the cast got on stage! Yay! That was cool. They all said something, and we left the theatre. I went to find out from Dra where the party was. It was at Puke Ariki. It was pretty exciting! Met up with Rodney again, and we took the short walk from the TSB Showplace to Puke Ariki.

Not everyone could go to the after party, so we were VERY privileged. As per, it takes time to begin talking to other people. A while in I bumped into Craig and Sara again and we had a good chat. Craig decided to head to the bar and asked if I wanted a drink – but I had to decline because I already had one that was half full! Haha. I chatted with Sara for awhile, before someone came over and I decided to slip away and see Dad +Rodney talking to William Johnson. William’s in the film, and has died on Shortland Street multiple times as well as starring on Outrageous Fortune and falling “madly in love” with Pascalle West.

Fast-forwarding to later in the night, I chatted to Melanie Lynskey heaps and later got together with her and Craig for a photo (see below). We had a great chat and I chatted with Craig and a comedian for awhil after that, before chatting to his wife, and being introduced to Paul Ellis.

I’ve talked to Paul before on the set of NZ Idol, so it was good to see him again. He said “I’ve been trying to find you all night, I heard you were here!” I asked why, and he got excited when he mentioned TuiKiwi and how he keeps up with me on Throng and other various sites. That was really cool and we had a long chat for ages all about Idol, SPP, TuiKiwi, the net, and various things to do with MJ, Britney Spears and heaps more.

After talking to Paul (and getting his card) I talked to Craig again, he told me to send a email to his wife so we could stay in contact so that was cool. I said goodbye to William and began talking to other various people.

I talked to Craig, Sara and Paul on/off for the rest of the night.
One thing that was so impressive was that everyone I seemed to talk to (well most) knew TuiKiwi some way or another. It was amazing!

Talked to Dra again and got a photo with her and one of the actors in the film, cool.

At 1am I left, saying goodbye to Craig, Dra, Sara, Paul, and various others and got here to write down what I could remember!

What else…um I saw myself in the film heaps and not bad at all! A lot of scenes were cut from the film, including my semi-talking scene. Oh well, at least you can see myself more than once for longer than a sec!

Well Ima tired and am heading to bed now (it’s past 3am). Check out the pics below from my AWESOME night and at lunch today (Wednesday) I’ll be at Wadsworths Bookstore meeting up with Craig and Mel again for the signing of the SHOW OF HANDS book.


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