Calling for Pepper

by Kyle

Every morning when I wake up, or every afternoon when I’m back from school or evening when I’m back from work, there is always someone outside on the deck, calling for our kitten Pepper.
It’s getting quite annoying now. Especailly in the mornings, when Jeremy’s high-pitched moan “Pep-ahhhh” is released. To be honest it sounds more like a Camel’s mating call, and I usually say somthing after he’s groaned out this horriable noise three-or-four times.

I wish they’d just leave the poor cat alone to explore.
Now, she’s a vibrant young kitten who loves to explore and jump around when you take a leak in the garden or whatever.
Later, she’ll be a tired old cat that we’ll all loose interest in and feed too much.

In other news, today I picked up an application for New World (a supermarket). They’ve been advertising jobs for high school students during the holidays. Will I get the job? We’ll see. But I do have expierence in food outlets and have taken Home Economics for the last three years, so it is likely.