But wait, there’s more!

by Kyle

This morning I recieved my copy of Suzanne Paul’s book “But Wait, There’s More” and it’s a fantastic read.
Her life is very fascinating and inspirational. I strongly recommend this book. It also has tips on how to “get back on your feet” and they are crucial tips for anyone who is feeling down in the dumps.

In other news, I was shocked to discover my mock exam results today.
As I’ve mentioned, I was so sure I’d pass Math. I was convinced I understood what was in front of me and I completed each question, and before time was up I checked all my answers. It seemed fine,
until I discovered today I failed all my math papers. That is a kick in the teeth!
I think the only paper I would have passed is Biology! Chemistry is a nightmare, and physics is too.

I know I’ll be able to improve on English (and hopefully math!), but history is most defiantly dead & buried and as for chemistry, well It’ll be like trying to learn Japanese fluently within a few weeks. All this NaCl crap – I didn’t grasp onto it then and I certainly won’t now.

Today I began my science rotation – that’s when I rotate for the next three weeks between my old Chemistry & Physics classes, before returning to Biology one last time.
I used to really enjoy science! Until I returned to Chemistry.  OMG. I hated it. My teacher yelled at the class throughout the whole lesson. I sat at the back with my mates Ben, Rawiri and Ethen. Ethen borrowed a pen from my pencil case as I watched the teacher. I looked to see what he was doing and was accussed of talking. WTF..? I didn’t even open my mouth. Rawiri and Ben thought this was very immusing. Idiots. They didn’t get in trouble. Ugh. But I thought it was totally unfair to ROAR at me in class.

Forgetting school, today Rodney very kindly delivered tickets to the New Zealand Premiere of SHOW OF HANDS, the film that me & Dad were apart of last year. Wow, it feels like just yesterday!!
We’ll have to walk down the red carpet and wear flashy clothes. There’ll be drinks and nibbles, and it’s going to be amazing. Maybe déjà vu of the Shortland Street party* last year? Who knows. But maybe I might talk to the right person and get somewhere! I’ve already got a new agent on the go and am working to (hopefully) get a NZ celeb in the OSM sequel.

Well that’s all for now…stay tuned!


*Speaking of, I really need to add some photos from that on here soon.