So what’s going on now?

by Kyle

Well, I’m planning on revising as much as I can. I’ve discovered I can still pass Level 1 NCEA, I just need to work extra hard and pass everything! So I’m going to do that.

Mock exams are currently on, and I’ve got History first thing this morning, but it’s my last exam. I’m going to fail the mock history, but I’m going to revise extra hard on the subject to pass in the real exams.
I’ve already done Math, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Maths: I think I did really well! And by that, I mean better than I would have expected. It wasn’t hard at all..
English: My first exam, it threw me off a little bit. I discovered there are some things I still need to know and revise. I also need to work on my essay writing. Otherwise, things seem okay 🙂
Biology: Guarenteed pass. I knew everything in that exam. My favorite core-subject and one I’ll be taking next year. It’s great.
Physics & Chemistry: A fail. I’ve never been able to grasp onto these subjects over the last three years. But as I mentioned earlier, I’m going to work extra hard and revise so I can pass the exams for these subjects.

I’m preparing to film the final scenes of my film, which is exciting! All is going well and I’m arranging the last few guest-roles and locations. Currently looking at a 2009 release. Don’t complain – why rush things?

Another school-related thing: I went sliding down stairs at school and sprained my ankle. Great. So i’m hobbeling around & coping. haha.

In the holidays, I hope to get a part-time job at Merrilands New World! That’ll be great.
I think I’ll actually enjoy working there.

What else?

  • Dad’s radio wars have dampered but the embers are still glowing. It’s a wait-and-see for that topic.
  • Mum’s had her hair permed. I call her poodle now!
  • Getting used to my new phone might take awhile. But it’s so nice to loose the hassle of using a faulty PDA.
  • My new fridge in my room makes gurgling sounds all the time and it’s annoying when I try to sleep. lol.
  • I’d like to go to Parachute next year.
  • Britney Spears’ new song, WOMANIZER is a hit. You-Tube it.