Suzanne Paul’s Message

by Kyle

Cool! Suzanne Paul, who you will know off television (Dancing With The Stars, Natural Glow) really is an amazing, inspirational woman.
She has recorded a message for me; you’ll find it at the end of this post.

She’s been touring around New Zealand, promoting her new book “But Wait, There’s More” which is a story about her life, and everything from Natural Glow, to TVNZ dramas, bad publicity and of course, Dancing With The Stars. Who would have known she was denied from being on the show due to her age in earlier seasons? And that the producer of the show wanted her out halfway during the season?

There is so much more to the Suzanne Paul we see on television and read about in the papers. And instead of reading about her life in the media, let her set you straight on her fascinating and inspirational life.
This book comes highly recommended. If you purchase it online, she’ll sign your copy.

Now, that message…..