New Plot

by Kyle

The best thing about “Tracey’s Back” being a film, is that we can change it along the way, unlike the series “ORIENTAL STREET MURDER”.
I was lying in bed, when I came up with a fantastic new plot (with a mystery new character) which would fit in perfectly.

The script has been rewritten thousands of times since the idea was pitched in June. Characters have been dropped and added, plots have changed and changed over again, scenes have been shot and now made redundant; it’s all shaping the film and I believe what we have now, will be SO MUCH BETTER than what we had back in June.

I’ve shut the door on ORIENTAL STREET MURDER now. It was fun to do and will always be important as my first “real” project, but I’m no longer focused on it. I regard “Tracey’s Back” as a whole new thing. Which is pretty much what it is anyway. Sure it’s a sequel, but it’s a whole new story with more backbone.
Does that make sense? Not now..but once you see the film, it will.