by Kyle

…an iPod Nano!!!
I’ve never had an iPod before, so it’s kind of exciting because they have such a good rep. I’ve had cheap MP3 players before, but none of them have been as sleek and easy to use as the iPod.
Up until I brought it, I had been using my Pocket PC for music & videos. But because it’s been damaged and it really is getting old, I decided I needed something else for playing my media “on the move”.

Last week, the new iPods were released, and I’ve been eyeing them up since. They have sensors which “sense” when you tilt the player on it’s side, flipping the screen and letting you view the covers of the songs in your iPod. Videos and photos can be viewed on the side (depending which way you flip the iPod) and some games too.

Speaking of games, there’s one called Maze which is clever. You tilt the iPod to move a ball around a maze, and it can get addictive after a while.

I’ve showed it to a few people and they all seemed impressed by it!
Including me. It’s a awesome, thin, strong little device which I haven’t regretted buying at all 😀