Deciding on 2009 Subject Choices

by Kyle

I’ve got until next Wednesday to decide which classes I want to take next year for my twelvth year of schooling.
I had an interview with a senior staff member the other day, and they practically wanted me to take subjects that I didn’t want to take!!

I decided it would be a good idea to email a few of my TV contacts and ask them. I got some really good advice from the producer of Outrageous Fortune, and the publicist for South Pacific Pictures suggested to take the most interesting subjects, and ones I feel most confident doing, as it’s more about the achievements I get rather than the actual subjects themselves.

So, I’m going to act on the advice from the people I noted above. It’s exactly what I wanted to hear, and both of the people work in the same industry in which I want to work; FILM & TELEVISION.

I’ll post my final choices soon.