A Sticky, Recent Post.

by Kyle

The most recent three posts have been TV related!
And if you are extra observant, all three relate to South Pacific Pictures. Desinty or what?!

Things are just “going”. And by that I mean nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll have to begin my study soon, and mock exams are a few weeks away. Should be fun….
School wise, this weekend I should:

  • Choose all my classes for next year
  • Complete my assignments which are due (Enterprise + History)
  • Catch up with some classwork

Easier said than done.

My mate Norton is coming to stay on Saturday, that’ll be cool considering I haven’t seen him for a few months! I’ll add a writeup on him on “the gang” page soon.

Sticky. That’s what this post is. A sticky post. And before you get worried, it’s not going to stick to you or spread that virus or anything like that. A sticky post is a post which is super-important, so it stays at the top of the blog posts. Any posts made after it, go under it. It is the dominant gene of the blog, and this post is one example of it. It also has a gray box around the wording, just like this one.

Tracey McNutt’s latest and final story is coming along well. Filming again in a few weeks actually, completing all the hospital scenes!

As for Meredith’s interview, I haven’t seen her to ask!