September is chugging along..

by Kyle

Summer is defiantly on the way – the electro blanket is NO LONGER BEING USED! Success. That is a sign. Oh, there is another sign – only in summer does the sun shine though the windows and into our eyes at work. I’ve missed that too. Oh, and it’s light when the news starts! Hurrah!

Now I have your attention (everyone dicusses the weather), I’m going to introduce you to four people from my gang. Except this is a “mates gang”, not a “drugs/violence/evil” gang. So that’s good.
On the new “the gang” page, I will have short bios and photos of some of my best mates that I hang out with generally every day at school or otherwise. It’s cool, so check it out. Note it’s not finished, but it’s a start! There are four people waiting to meet you there. SO CLICK HERE AND CHECK IT OUT!

I’ve got two sessions left at WITT with my Video course – which is sad as STAR comes to an end.
Utility Period (where last period Wednesday we undertake a chosen activity in or out of school) has ended.
I have 5 weeks of learning at school left!

My mac has arrived back (speedy service!) but isn’t really usable! When the repairmen were tinkering around inside fixing my crackly speaker, they somehow made wireless internet stop working properly and lost a screw. So it’s going back – and it’d better get fixed properly! lol.

I shouldn’t keep my posts too long – so I won’t but I just want to announce that I’m mates with Desiree again. 5 years later, but it’s awesome stuff! Ethen stayed this weekend which was cool; and we met up with Sheree downtown which was cool too.