by Kyle

Don’t panic….there is absolutly no way you will catch this virus by coming to
Let’s make that very, very clear.

But, I have reason to panic. A file I opened was wiped out my computer, nothing works anymore. My start bar clock has been replaced with “VIRUS ALERT”, everything on the start menu and desktop has vanished, apart from some very dodgy “Virus removal” icons which i’ve never seen before.
So, goodbye OSM Sequel script! Well the latest one anyway – I do have a backup on our home server, but it’s a old copy without all the revisons that were recently made. Grr.
This is the worst time for this sort of thing to happen lol! I sent my mac away for repair today, because the left speaker crackles. No mac, no PC.

I’m sure I’ll survive. I’m using Dad’s at the moment to write this. I’m going though all the TUIKIWI Production stuff on the server, checking what I have copies of still.

So there we go. It  can happen in a flash….