by Kyle

Thank god, Winter’s over.
I woke up this morning and for a few moments, thought it was summer. It was warm, and sunlight was beaming though my curtains. It was exactly like summer! But it turns out it was only warm because I left my electric blanket on. Ugh, it was cold out of bed.

Not only does this month mark the beginning of Spring, it’s also full of filming dates. We’re shifting along with filming, and we’re set to complete filming at the Clinical Skills lab and Boys’ High. Then we move on to the final location!! Exciting stuff.

I vowed today to get my driver’s license on Wednesday. Its daunting watching my mates at school drive home….and Kate agrees.

What else do I have to say…oh yeah, TVNZ have decided to not proceed with a second series of Burying Brian – a kiwi show that was the highest rating kiwi show for it’s first season. TVNZ have shown once again, they don’t know a good show until it’s gone (aka Rude Awakenings).

Just four more weeks until the end of term 3! The year really has passed fast; I only have 8 weeks of school left for this year. Speaking of school, I have four more classes at WITT until I graduate from my video course. Then I do it all again next year!

Paul Henry returned to Breakfast this morning after a 3 month break, but it was Alision Mau who delivered the best line of the morning, about getting her tongue around something. See below: