August Update

by Kyle

Well, we began filming on our hospital set (Provided by Clinical Skills) yesterday, which went well. Everyone seemed really impressed by the facilities, which are perfect!! We are very grateful for being able to use them.

I’ve been looking over the filming schedule. Filming is spread out over the next few months, so it doesn’t conflict with school, jobs etc. And from what I can gather at the moment, it’s looking like the film will be released either on 31st December 2008 or Feb ’09. I know it’s far away, but I do not want to rush this like I rushed the OSM finale.
It’s very important that everything is right. Plus, premiere night needs to be a suitable date (which does rule out NYE) and the DVD’s will also be avaliable on this night. They will be at a price of $25.

A trailer of the film will be released at the end of September!

P.S: Meredith will be answering your questions soon! She’s been busy 🙂