What do I say?

by Kyle

Friday night just been. A man walks into my shop and asks “So who’s cooking my tea tonight eh” and then laughed with Kenny.
I shivered and turned away, forcing a smile. These totally unfunny “cooking my tea” jokes must stop! Don’t you dare come into the shop and say it. Grr!

It’s Jamie’s birthday and he got plenty of presents, so that’s good. He’s 9yrs today. I brought him a Harry Potter computer game, and he’s been playing it on/off all night 😀

I’m all geared up to begin filming the OSM sequel tomorrow! Everything’s almost ready and it’s going to be a very busy day. Tomorrow we will be filming scenes with our local guest-stars, which is exciting for them. Dad is no longer going to appear as a main character, but will appear somewhere in the film!

I finally managed to buy the South Pacific Pictures’ TV film “The Man Who Lost His Head” on DVD today. Ordering it online, the film is about a man from a British museum who is sent to a little Maori town to investigate if they are worthy enough of taking back a Maori carving (a head) in the museum’s possession. It’s a really good film and highly recommended!

Oh, and the fish I was given for my birthday (from Angus), Richie McKyle, is still alive!

That’s pretty much all I have for now, so yeah…… :