by Kyle

The minor being CROSSROADER. It’s based on the idea from Meredith Regan’s (Tracey McNutt) partner, and was given as an idea to TUIKIWI Productions (TKP). Since I need to make a film on my WITT video course, my small group (Me, Ryan, Gareth) will produce this film under the TKP label, which should be good.

This is what I said yesterday, but at our meeting today at WITT, I decided to scrap the project. While Gareth & Ryan wanted to continue, I outlined that it wouldn’t be possible to create the short film with the given timeframe, and it was too dark for the assignment.
So now we are working on a entirely new plot, which will take place at Welbourn Hospital. A dig at OSM I suppose, but it’ll be slightly mysterious and humorous.