It’s almost August

by Kyle

So what does this mean?

It means 9 Years.
Jamie, my little brother turns 9. It’s strange remembering to back when he was born, how glad I was to have a baby brother…..and now he’s almost double digits! Jamie is more knowledgeable then you might think; his memory is excellent and he’s a pro at setting up computers! I’ll have to go out and buy his present this week.

It means production, in two different ways.
I will be working on two different productions!

The major being the OSM sequel. it’s slowly moving along, but things are set to get faster from next week, when we begin filming scenes. Filming will take a few months as this is going to be long! Due to the length, I’ll release it in parts online. The script recently got hit hard by cast-shakeups, but things seem to be smooth now…..
The minor being CROSSROADER. It’s based on the idea from Meredith Regan’s (Tracey McNutt) partner, and was given as an idea to TUIKIWI Productions (TKP). Since I need to make a film on my WITT video course, my small group (Me, Ryan, Gareth) will produce this film under the TKP label, which should be good.

It means study.
With NCEA roaring up behind me, I’ll need to concentrate more on study and revision. This will be a factor in delaying all TKP productions, including OSM!

It means license.
I must get my license before August 10. Vitally important.