by Kyle

It was unplanned, but me & Dad are now in North Shore preparing to feel the wrath of the cyclone about to hit Auckland.
Weather has been fierce since lunchtime, and there are yaughts crashed up against the motorway and the wind on the harbour bridge is…..well indescribable! You can feel the bridge & car moving in the force of the wind.
The rain hasn’t stopped and it’s just so fun!
Powercuts have started around North Shore. We have been around Takapuna Beach and the sea is much more furious than furious. There are heaps of people going to the beach & harbour to have a look, taking photos etc. We have photos and video footage.

For photos, go to They will have up-to-date information and photos of the storm, so check it out.

The storm is set to hit at around 8pm, and it will last for 12 hours, with the eye of the storm arriving by midnight.