The 16th

by Kyle

This is the video that premiered on my 16th Birthday Party, on Saturday 19 July 2008!
It was a awesome night! Plenty of people, food, drinks, and the projector was a bonus, which we used for Singstar and for premiering the above video (titled The 16th).
While I had heaps of guests – Uncles, Aunties, neighbours, etc – we only took one group photo and that was with the people who were staying over for the night, see it below:


16th Birthday Sleepovers: Jamie, Ryan, Gareth, Michael, Sheree, Kyle, Angus & Norton. On top: Ethen

The adults who were here quickly found “quiet talking areas” – in my bedroom, in the kitchen, out on the deck and in Dad’s shed (carpeted, air conditioned, beer fridged, etc).
It was a good night as everyone would agree, and special thanks to the people that traveled from around the country to be there.