Day Three….

by Kyle

I’ll get straight into it – today wasn’t the best day, but it was the second-to-last day.
Basically, we got into groups (with me being in my group of four as per usual), and had to make a story with various magazine clippings. We then had to run a production to film them and create a video.
Three cameras were positioned to record three boards. Camera 1 would film it’s board, and when camera 2 began filming, someone would change the clipping on cam 1’s board. It would continue rotating around 3 cameras until all the clippings were filmed and the story had ended.
While it sounds simple (and it could have been), we did it in the form of a professional production. This meant that there were many roles in the studio, including:

  • Floor Manager
  • Cameramen 1,2,3
  • Three roles in ACR (Audio Control Room)
  • Vision-switcher in the control room
  • Director
  • Director’s Assistant

The list goes on.
There are a few reasons why I didn’t enjoy this exercise:

  1. It was really difficult to create a story out of clippings.
  2. We weren’t able to film the clippings and then edit a film properly in a program.
  3. Our music vanished from where I had put it on the server, so I had to choose another at random without previewing it.
  4. There was a student who knew how to do everything, and always wanted to take over just to do the job properly. He was stripping others the chance to learn how to do it properly.
  5. It took ALL day.

I understand that it was an exercise to warm into the studio, but I don’t think it was done in the best way possible. A better way would have been to split us into groups, and produce our own little skit-show like we had done yesterday. The difference would have been that we did all the work, instead of the teachers.

Anyway, after we finished in the studio we went to view the skits from yesterday.
The skit was the same for the other group, so it was really weird watching someone else portray my role as Frank and other character’s roles. It was sureal. The clips were edited really well!

What I’m about to say next is tricky; but I did like our clip best. I think our acting came across more naturally than the other group, and our sound was much clearer (Recorded by Taylor on her boom mic).

I’m going to go revise for my test tomorrow…the LAST day…eep. Sorry for a scrambled post btw (by the way), but I can’t think of much to say and I’m tired!