Day Two…

by Kyle

When I said I had finished my birthday video, THE 16h, I truely believed it. But over the last two days I have been improving it and it’s looking amazing. Words can not explain how excited I am about this video.

So Day Two at South Seas was about finalising friendships with established contacts and getting out there and doing work. Well for me anyway. I went out in a group of eight, to film signs. Yes, signs. Not sings or anything, but signs. Business signs. Road signs. Warning signs. Any kind of sign.
We had to film 10 each. Then, we had about 80 to choose from, to create a 30 second clip.
The clip had to be made individually, and had to show different filming and editing techniques. We made our clips in Movie Maker, which I am a pro in since OSM. I was praised for my work! YAY.

Signs aside, another thing we did was create a skit. Now we were given a script and I was a main character, along with two others. We filmed this skit professionally in a studio with cameras, boom mics, lighting, set etc so it was all very exciting. I will reveal it’s about a blind date, but I won’t describe the plot too much so you can see it for yourselves if i get given a copy.
When it came to do this, I still wasn’t familiar with everyone there. So the first few times I portrayed my character, I was really nervous. I passed this though to my character as he was supposed to be nervous anyway. I soon eased into my role and was praised on that too! Choice stuff.

We get along really well at S.S, but we are in little friend-groups and i’ve got mine; Taylor (Torgan), Jean (Jane) and James (Jamie). The latter names are what I’ve called them; it’s easy to mix their names! We were hanging out all day and we were all included in the activities (class split into groups):

  • Taylor, Jean, James & I all filmed & sat together during “signs” editing
  • Taylor controlled the boom mic, Jean had a minor role in the skit and James watched

So it’s going well with South seas. As of Wednesday, I’m halfway though my course!
Life here is good too. Dad has become a housewife, cooking and cleaning but overall, doing a good job. Sadly dinner did get ruined tonight due to an unfortunate-accident, but it was soon recovered.

Anyway, I’m off to sleep now. Bye!