July is Birthday month

by Kyle

It’s July. Which is a pretty-eventful month.
There’s holidays, then school, then my birthday – which happens to be my 16th this year. So the party has been planned for friends + family, as well as an cake-cutting afternoon tea for uncles, aunties, nanas, grandads and other elderly folk.
So it should an eventful month.
I attend Film & TV School, have holidays, go to Auckland, turn 16; mourn a family member’s passing.

Ok, so the school were going to originally fly me up to Auckland to attend, but without a way around. So Dad negotiated with the STAR Funding Coordinator, and now STAR will give us a large sum for petrol and food. Meaning, Dad will be driving me up and staying so I have a way around! Great. As with before, STAR are paying the full price of the four-day course at South Seas. A good birthday present!
But because this is going to be very expencive and the school are paying for it, I’m going to work extra hard to pass the course. I wouldn’t want it to be a waste of money, and the qualification would be amazing on my C.V…..!!!

One thing that I notice frequently at work, is how two people who know one other, greet each other.
This isn’t a “Hi”,”Howdy” or “Hey”, it’s a “So you’re doing the cooking tonight! *chuckle chuckle*”.
It may not seem like a big deal, and it wasn’t the first 10 times, but when you hear it 3-4 times a night, it can get bloody annoying! It’s a real good joke among customers, but it got old – fast.

The script is near competition! While the series had the support of the New Zealand Police, the film is going to have the involvement of another government department – but which one? Stay tuned…
Filming begins in the week starting Monday 21st July.

When I started at California Takeaways, there was Kenny, Anna, Matt, Troy and myself.
We all had dark blue aprons. Anna left for 7 months, and when she returned, she was handed a green “Mr. Chips” apron. By the end of 2006, Matt had one too.

Matt soon left and Kenny took his apron. So only Troy and myself had the blue ones.
Troy left end of 2007 and so new staff came on board – Syd and Kate. They got hold of green aprons and thus, I was the only staff member with the original uniform.

And sad news emerged tonight. My faithful blue apron was to be retired – Friday 4 July was it’s final night in action. Tomorrow, I will emerge with a brand new, green Mr. Chips apron. And that’s my little personal, sad tale of the dark blue apron. Which I now own of course, as a keepsake.