by Kyle

Haven’t blogged properly in a while….so yeah.
I’ll change the header hopefully tomorrow – it doesn’t look very good and was only supposed to be temporary. The date up there is my birthday, so yeah. lol

I’ve been busy at work with the sequel to Oriental Street Murder, and the storyline is coming along well. I’m not going to rush it as this has to be the best production I’ve made thus far! And I’m sure it will be with the use of Pinnacle from TelstraClear, and some new, real medical props which will be used (yes, we will be revisting Welbourn Hospital)
I also need to make it clear, that this sequel really is the final project to do with OSM. It’s to tie up the loose ends which were left in the series finale.

So far I’ve been really slack at my NCEA at school. But when I actually thought about how NCEA is a qualification, I got a bit more motovated to study harder. When you think about it, school is a waste of time if you don’t bother to gain the offered qualifications. It’s what 11 years of my school life have been building up to, and now it’s time to give it everything ya got. So that’s what I’ll do…

Umm what else…oh yeah, NPBHS is still sending me to South Seas Film & Television School in Auckland. Awesome, because it’s my first professional course! At 15! Wow my CV’s gonna look good, lol!

Slack post? Yeah, probably, tough. I’ll aim to post later on in the peace when I have more to talk about….