He Aoranga Kei roto te mahi

by Kyle

Translation: Learning though Action

So there I was, sitting in Physics trying to complete a circuit activity sheet when I was called out of class because of “something to do with STAR”.

A rundown on STAR: STAR programs are courses that cannot be offered by the school, such as hospitality, hairdressing, photography etc. Each course has a fee, but this is paid for by STAR funding. STAR courses take place on Wednesday afternoons, out of school, and they are only for Year 11,12 and 13 students. I have taken up “Introduction to Video” at WITT, starting next term.

So I went downstairs to the Transition Department, asked the transition receptionist (Note: This is NOT the school office or student services) about the note and was referred to the head of STAR at NPBHS – Mr Moore.
I thought I was about to be told that the video course I signed up with was cancelled, as there had been some debate over my course taking place on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday.
This wasn’t the case. Mr Moore recieves on a daily basis, infomation about other courses taking place around the country, and found one that might interest me.
This is the exciting bit: the course is at South Seas Film & Television School!
The school is in Auckland. Website: www.southseas.co.nz

The course is $200, but STAR funding will pay for that, as well as flights and accommodation! I accepted straight away – how good would this look on my CV?! Plus what is offered in the course is real professional stuff, and this will just be mindblowing! God, I could be qualified to be a producer or whatever by the time I finish school at this rate!

My course would involve, and keep in mind that this is a basic rundown on it, filming & editing two videos, and filming/taking part in a magazine style TV show. The TV show is not real though – it’s an exercise. I would also gain badly-needed credits during my time at the school.

Oh, in case you are wondering what the title/translation is about, it’s the slogan for the school.