OSM Plot & Characters

by Kyle

The main cast member from ORIENTAL STREET MURDER, Meredith Regan has confirmed that she will be returning to portray their character Tracey McNutt in the film sequel.

Joining the cast will Andrea Jupp, who will play the part of a nurse and mother to Josh, who will be played by Kyle Wadsworth (myself). These new roles will be main cast.
Other characters will be announced later.

The film will take place months after Tracey was caught as the serial killer – and will reveal how the characters end up. What happened to Jane, after her best friend was discovered the murderer?
How is Tracey coping in Jail, and what happens to her?

It’s going to be the biggest, most exciting adventure yet and hopefully, the best installment ever!

Big thanks to all the people returning, especially to New Plymouth Boys’ High School, and TelstraClear’s CLEARNET for donating professional editing software.