Super sleuth solves Oriental St murder

by Kyle

Super sleuth solves Oriental St murderKyle, Tracey and Mike
Wednesday June 11, 2008
By Yvette Batten | North Taranaki Midweek

ORIENTAL ST has had its own scandal. Eight people have been murdered, but there’s no need to panic because the killer has finally been caught.

This sinister plot was the brain-child of 15-year-old Kyle Wadsworth, a budding Peter Jackson who lives in Oriental St.

During the last seven months he’s enlisted the help of 12 Oriental St residents including two Taranaki Newspapers photographers, a family friend and two black cats as characters in his mini-film murder series.
“I did everything apart from acting everyone’s parts,” Kyle says.

It all started last October when he started doing work experience for the television programme, Shortland Street. At the time it had a high-profile murder as part of the plot. Since then Kyle has been to Auckland for work experience three times.

His movie series started with a few photographs inspired by the Shortland St murders. Then the project took on a life of it’s own. Kyle devised his own plots and produced a series of short murder films which he put on his internet site.
“Hits just started coming in. It was really overwhelming.”

The series is about killer Tracey McNutt, who goes on a killing spree at Welbourn Hospital. Kyle went to great lengths to make it look real. One of the street residents is a nurse. Through her he brought proper needles, gloves and equipment. He also brought nurses’ uniforms similar to the ones of Shortland St.
“I wanted the exact equipment for surgery. I didn’t want el-cheapo”

All up it cost him $1500 to finish the seven-month project. The funds came from his job at the takeaway shop around the corner. “My Dad’s credit card helped.”

Any spare time he had was dedicated to the series.
“I put off homework to edit this. The teachers were saying ‘Why haven’t you done your homework?’ and I was always making excuses.”

Getting people to participate in the movie was hard at first, specially the adults. “It has been a real learning curve for a lot of people. Learning not to be silly in front of the camera.” he says.

But it all worked out in the end. New Plymouth Boys’ High School provided the inside of the film’s Welbourn Hospital. Auckland Hospital was the outside shot.

Even the police got on board for the final episode and caught the killer.

His series attracted national media attention. Current affairs show 20/20 has expressed interest in his story.

Kyle says the next big thing in store for him is a documentary or even another series.

To find out more about his series jump onto his Internet site