Garden of Remembrance

by Kyle

The sky, a beautiful canvas of blended blues and puffy milk whites floats above the earth. The attractive atmosphere, ignorant of the sad scene underneath continues to occasionally gleam its sunlight on an unusually hot day.

Below, specs of gray spoil the rich green pastures and lavish gardens.
Few mournful individuals stand over the matured headstones – tears roll as memories are ignited. Sick green moss flourishes on the memorials – existing ahead of the snipped blossoms in aged yellow jars and faded photographs.

Crow-black grievers gather by a fresh deep hole and clean gravestone. The relations bewail over their loss as their lost loved one arrives in a hearse.

A young woman kneels upon an overgrown burial plot, speaking words to the earth of sorrow and requests for forgiveness.

Nearly all of these final places of rest and tranquility are no longer visited – their occupants have elapsed in history.

The sky, now a depressing blur of lifeless dark grey floats above the earth, leaking tears of rain upon a garden of remembrance.