Visitor Invasion

by Kyle

So tomorrow, I am expecting a high-number of visitors to the site.
Which is good in most cases. But I just wanted to make aware the stuff that I’ve put in place to “secure” the site.

  1. Comment Moderation
    Comments made without accounts (aka fill out name, email to post) will no longer just appear. They will need to be approved first. Please get an account to avoid this: see the control panel in the sidebar.
  2. Homepage Changes
    The posts will be shifted off the homepage and replaced with ORIENTAL STREET MURDER detail, so visitors to the site can see all the episodes in one place.
  3. Privacy
    Some things will be hidden for awhile, just to ensure a bit more privacy. In addition, the sidebar may be slightly different.
  4. No Downtime
    Websites always and usually go down when there is a huge peak in visitors to the site. Luckily, that will never happen to this site as Kyle’s Blog is copied and stored across multiple servers. So there will be no downtime tomorrow.

The period this will be in place is 4 June – 8 June.