Auckland: May/June

by Kyle

Wow, I’ve hardly posted!
Yesterday was a rest day, before heading out with Paul to the set of “Dare To Win”. I would post more on the subject but I’m kinda tired, but I’ll say the show is really good!

Today I visited TelstraClear. There was no one else there but me and Nicola, which was cool. We had a good chat, checked out some sites and I got a few more goodies! They are awesome. Will I work there in the future?! Who knows, but there’s a really good vibe there and it’s why I enjoy visiting so much. Plus I learn heaps about internet stuff and the merchandise is great 😀

We also went to see Indiana Jones at HOYTS Sylvia Park, and it was okay. Brought a special “meal deal” – $15.99 for a collecters cup, popcorn bucket and leather keyring. Cool.