No Clear Interview…yet

by Kyle

A few weeks ago, I visited TelstraClear and got to check out their secret Clearnet room and meet some people working on their new portal. I also got interviewed about Oriental Street Murder.

Because so many people have been asking me about it, I’m going to post here that I don’t think it will be online. Don’t get me wrong – the people I met are fantastic, but I don’t think they will put the interview video online.
Their video site on Clearnet doesn’t have a category that would suit the interview. The video’s not about games or news; it’s about home made video content. It wouldn’t make sense to put the video there yet, which I understand.

Plus I’ve been told that technical problems are a reason why it’s not up yet – but that’s completely understandable given the site is only a few weeks old.

So maybe it’s not that far away, but still: there could be another chance for OSM to pop up in the media! Watch this space….