“Television leaching off the web”

by Kyle

I don’t watch a lot of television but when I sat down in front of the box for a moment last night, I could not believe the levels that our broadcasters have sunk to.

I’m talking about the program 2Tube.

If you’ve seen the programme, you’ll know what I mean.

Now I don’t often play TV reviewer but in this case I just have to say that this is the cheapest, nastiest locally produced programme I have ever seen.

Unlike similar programmes (such as America’s Funniest Videos) made elsewhere in the world where the content is sourced directly from viewers, 2Tube just goes right out and lifts its content from YouTube.

This is true – it is from YouTube. Before the show starts, the screen showsall the sources. For example, you can see the screens searching though various sites for content – they explore Facebook, MySpace, YouTube etc.

Now if that weren’t bad enough, they lure idiots to appear as part of the studio audience, apparently the only condition being that you laugh at the host’s lame jokes.

I’m not an idiot, I just wanted exposure. But yes – there are several rounds of laughing practice before filming begins. The host does not come up with the jokes – the writers do.

The clips, often massively pixelated have lame new voice tracks dubbed over them which in some cases completely ruins their original value.

100% CORRECT. Plus, laughing tracks are also dubbed over the clips.

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