Auckland: 11th of May

by Kyle

Kyle’s Report:

Today was a cool day. After leaving North Shore, we headed over to the house of Fortune and snapped a few photos (see below of post), before heading to Rainbow’s End. Now I did have more photos and a few videos of it, but i accidentally deleted them. Oops, but life goes on. Me + Jordan brought keyring photo things of us on a Log Fume, and that was fun. We actually got two photos done of us on that thing and the second one is below.

We left R.E and went to check out the new Brucie’s. It was painful, a overpriced, clean & modern burger joint. Nothing like the past Brucie’s – new logo, staff, menu, prices etc. Not nice, and it was like closure. I brought a drink $4 and moved on.

Speaking of money and high prices, Jordan spent the remains of her Auckland budget on the arcade machines at R.E, earning “tickets” and buying silly prizes lol. Even though they were very cheap, most of them were still cool!

Dad also brought some stuff, all illuminated. Some of this stuff includes a digital photo frame and illuminated salt/pepper shaker. Hmmm.

I’m really very much tired at the present. I might go to bed lol. But yeah, that’s what happened today, sorry about the confusing and brief commentary. lol.

Jordan’s Report:

At the momment I’m in Auckland. Last night I went to 2tube. This Chinese boy let out a huge ripper,it didn’t smell. (Thank God.) I traveled up on Friday and I’m leaving tomorrow. I went to the Outrageous Fortune house today. I should be going to Shortland Street. I’m having alot of fun. Today we also went to Rainbows end. I went on nearly all the rides. NEARLY. The Spongebob 3d movie was alright. I went on it 3 times. The Goldrush ride is the best. I went on it 3 times aswell. I also went on the Pirate ship. I went on it 4 times. The Log ride was fun. I went on it 2 times.
Anyway I better go.

Photo Gallery: