That’s Well Wicked on May 6th

by Kyle

So today, a number of things happened, so I’ll write them up here.

The pressure is back. At the moment, I have a speech, an essay, a history research assignment and some Microsoft Excel learning to do. Thanks school
The excel stuff is for a NCEA unit standard (or whatever it’s called) I’m doing in Enterprise. I’m sitting there, not actually understanding what on earth I’m doing. So because of that, i’ll have to learn about the program at home. I don’t have ENT tomorrow so I’ll study up on that then. Right now, I’m focusing on the assignment and essay, due last term. Hopeless I know, but I will try to make a better effort next time. i honestly wasn’t expecting NCEA…

I’m going to Auckland this coming Friday until Sunday. It should be really good – I’m going up with Dad and Jordan.
I’ve got things planned
-Friday: TelstraClear meeting/CLEARNET Launch, go to SPP and drop off a ORIENTAL ST MURDER DVD.
-Saturday: Rainbow’s End/2Tube Filming at TVNZ.
So it should be a good trip.

ORIENTAL STREET MURDER DVD sets are out now. There are only 20 in existence, 10 left for “sale”! They are packed with extra features and are very professional – will post more about it soon as well as a photo! I guarantee you will be impressed!

There is a new Admin Bar across the top of my blog. Not really a big deal, and only members can see it. But it’s another change you may/may not notice, to go along with the new avatar feature, new blog look, and upgrade to the newest WordPress software.
Admin Bar

That’s Well Wicked?! Yeah. It’s the coolest phase around. Thanks Brendan/Scap